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“We fundamentally believe in taking an audience oriented approach.  We will work with clients to leverage visuals, be more memorable and ultimately help clients to achieve their objective in a cost efficient manner .”

Harvey Schwartz, Managing Director of Engage Presentations

We think of our clients as our partners, and the underlying assumption is that we both work to benefit one another. We enter this symbiotic relationship knowing that you have a budget to respect, and we, a valuable and specialized service to provide. True to our Infinite Possibilities philosophy… we will work with you to develop a strategic and budget sensitive proposal.

If you have work that you would like to send our way, but wish to first know if it is worth while, we encourage you to request a quote. It will be our pleasure to meet with you either in person, by telephone, teleconference or via email. Alternatively, you can also submit your file(s) using the form below and we will get back to you within two business days with a quote. Give it a try!

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Alternatively, we also offer free, slide by slide evaluations of presentations on three main criteria: text, layout and graphics. We use an in-house evaluation tool to do this analysis, which we then review with the author, at their convenience.

Your material is confidential? No problem! Send us your Confidentiality Agreement (or Non Disclosure Agreement-N.D.A) and we can take it from there. You do not have an N.D.A? Still not a problem! Please provide us with your contact information and it we will be glad to send you ours.