Presentations can take many forms. Most often we help clients with their PowerPoint presentations. We also work on Keynote presentations, and Adobe Acrobat presentations. The level of involvement really depends on what the client needs. It can be as simple as a “clean this up for me” project. One of our clients called this air-brushing the presentation and the term stuck!

We often create distinct graphics made to the clients’ precise needs. We can and have created the entire presentations for clients including developing all the content. We have helped with scripting the story and the rehearsal. We have even been hired to deliver the presentation.

We almost always recommend being more visual and are specialists in integrating stock images. Other clients have hired us to help with sales training material, trade show loop presentations, trade show videos, waiting room videos, leave behinds, handouts and speeches. We also work on skills development with our clients.

We break down our services into three main areas:

Presentations to customers
Presentations to others in your organization
Seminars and Coaching


“Harvey is an excellent Communication Expert that can find a solution and deliver quality work for just about any communication and business challenge. I highly recommend him as a supplier that will go beyond the call of duty to always comes through on time and within budget.”

-Roxane Chabot, Marketing & Sales Strategist at RBC Consultants