Internal Presentations

The fundamental truth is that for an internal presentation the objective is to rise above the noise and get the endorsement you need to move ahead. A client needs to bring others in the company to her / his way of thinking. This usually means asking someone higher up in the organization to approve an idea or a budget. This is a very specialized type of mandate.

The presenter is typically slotted in during a busy day and is up against colleagues who are often asking for money from the same pot for their product or project. A business presentation is typically content heavy with many charts, graphs, images, diagrams and product shots. We are usually asked to intergrate animation, video, audio, flash animation, and slides from all over the map. One way to describe this is that we take rough sketches and help make them into a piece of art.

We help clients develop something very consistent and polished, sometimes even a thing of beauty. We work with clients at a strategic level to understand the brand or project objective. We sometimes suggest a Strategic Storytelling approach.

We work to create a memorable presentation that not only resonates with the audience but gets you the approval you need before you leave the room.

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We can certainly present to you and demonstrate some of our work give us a call or drop us a line so we can set it up. Give us 30 minutes and you will never look at a presentation the same way again!